About us...

We are Hungarian Kennel Club Accredited Breeders of shar-pei.

We are loving hobby breeders (it is not our livelihood), we have maximum two litters in one year a variety of dilute colours, including my favourite colour; lilac.

We are proud to introduce you to our shar-peis who live with us inside our home as a part of our small family.


Our story is started in 2009 when we bought our very first shar-pei, we called him "Töki". He was our pet. Immediately fell in love with the breed and knew that was the breed for us. As soon as we could, we bought our first female shar-pei for breeding. We made a mistake of looking only to have her show results, but we did not know about her health. A few months later we lost her in FSF. Fortunately, she had not been offspring. This loss prompted us to include only healthy lines re-start of the breeding.


Special thanks to Viki Szalay (Ruby Red Kennel) who gave me two wonderful females and helped me with her many years of breeding experience at the difficult moments.

The shar-pei are so loyal and affectionate. They're fantastic with kids and other dogs and they're great guard dogs that make you feel safe. However, shar-pei are a unique breed of dog, the one of our friends told:

"Only one problem with the shar-peis, they believe about themselves, they are half people!"

All our dogs are well looked after and kept healthy, our family say their are our childrens, and it's true!!! All our puppies are born and growing up in the home (in our living room) and get lots of affection and they are well socialized with lots of visitors and our other dogs. Our puppies live in USA, Colombia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and our puppy was the first imported shar-pei in the UK from Hungary.


​I always make sure they're going to loving everlasting homes which they deserve and I make sure they have everything they need when they leave.

Are you interested a puppy from us? For more infos about available puppies click HERE ->

Enjoying surfing our pages.

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